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[Sheriarty(Jimlock) fanvid]Farewell 

Jim shot his head in front of Sherlock. And then Sherlock was seriously injured in the explosion. In a deep coma, Sherlock’s soul met Jim. Sherlock wants to accompany Jim through the last process, to the end. 

During the journey, they untied the knot, they forgave each other, they regreted that they wasted so much time when they were alive. It was late. After the long long jouney, they could never meet each other again. 

After the farewell, Sherlock waked up, back to his life. A long lonely life, without Jim Moriarty, forever.

BGM is the theme song of Hanhan’s movie “The Continent”. I think the lyrics is important for the story, so I post it here:)

When a ship sink to the bottom of the ocean,

when a person becomes a mystery,You don’t know why they leave,

His farewell is his last word。

When a car disappeared into horizon,when the past stands as a mystsry,You don’t know why they leave,

Just like you don’t know where the end is。 

when every star falls from the Milky Way,

It’s time to say goodbye to myself,There is no need to know what has lost is lost forever

Andrew Scott was asked if Benedict is a good kisser, and then he was lost in memories. In his mind, there are the scenes in Sherlock, and the scenes in fanvids he ever watched!

Just a Sheriarty joke, not RPS :)

[Sheriarty(Jimlock) AU Fanvid]For Blue Skies

The inspiration comes from the book “The Seven-Per-Cent Solution”. In this book, Sherlock Holmes invented his arch-enemy James Moriarty because of illusion linked to drugs. Yet in the real life, James Moriarty is only an ordinary professor, not a criminal.

So, in this fanvid, Jim is not a criminal. Jim met Sherlock when they were young, and then Jim moved to another city. Sherlock can’t forget Jim, this obsessiveness changed to an illusion: Sherlock thought that Jim Moriarty is his arch-enemy. In his mind, Moriarty is an evil, and he can’t recognize Jim now.

Jim wanted to save Sherlock. He thought that only if Sherlock kills Moriarty, the illusion can be eliminate. So, Jim decided to act Moriarty, to act the criminal. 

Jim asked for John and Mycroft’s help. And he also asked his dad and grandma’s help.

All the cases are not real. 

John wanted Sherlock to know, there’s no arch-enemy in real life, but Sherlock didn’t listen.

Mycroft wanted Jim to stop this dangerous game. But Jim said that he only wants Sherlock back.

Jim did everything for Sherlock. But Sherlock told him: I hate you.

Yet, all the memory was back after Jim shooted himself. Sherlock is very regretful, he said “Forgive me, Forgive me”, yet Jim can’t listen to him now.

In the end. Sherlock jumped out of the roof.