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Andrew Scott at the film festival in Gent.

Open in new tab for HD. These are my own pictures. Please do not erase watermark or repost without permission. Thank you!

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Jonathan (played by Dominic West) drawn by Andrew Scott for Gent Film Fest


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Andrew Scott @ Film Fest Gent 2014!


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Andrew Scott at Film Fest Gent (video)

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filmfestgent: Who knew Andrew Scott could draw?! You want an unique drawning of this fine fella? Come to the red carpet at 8 pm, meet this nice flah (Irish slang) and you might get your own drawning at FFGENT!

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I just received a drawing Andrew Scott drew himself!!!

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I told Andrew Scott about the donations and he asked me to record a message for all of you to thank you for donating and being so supportive. So here it is! :-)

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Andrew Scott // Film Fest Gent +


Andrew Scott draws Dominic West +